About Us

The mission of the Collier County 100 Club is to provide immediate financial assistance to the families of fallen police and emergency responders – those who serve in law enforcement, corrections, fire fighting, emergency medical (EMS) and any and all state or federal law enforcement personnel assigned to Collier County, Florida and all of Southwest Florida. The mission is based on a 24-hour turn-around for approval by the (Club) Board of Directors and disbursement of money to the officer or officer’s family who will be the recipients.
The original model for the Collier County One Hundred Club is borrowed from the Detroit 100 Club where, in 1951, a police officer was killed in the line of duty and the funeral expenses were not available.

A concerned citizen residing in Detroit drafted a letter and mailed it to 100 friends or business associates and raised money for the deceased officer’s family. The Detroit 100 Club remains the model for other clubs to emulate. There are today 122 “100 Clubs” or “Blue Coats Associations” that serve the protective services from coast to coast in the United States.