Our Grants

The Collier County One Hundred Club Board of Directors serves as the committee to review all requests and determines the amount that can be issued to the family of a slain officer or other emergency responder.

This fiduciary responsibility, which the 100 Club Board of Directors must remain cognizant at all times, is monitoring the amount of money that can be distributed before the principal amount of savings is lowered by such a donation.
Once an amount has been determined to be donated and presented to the requested individual the Collier County One Hundred Club will not inquire on what, how or why the money was used.

The Governance Committee will provide up-dates to the general membership at the Annual Meeting and Dinner traditionally held on the first Monday evening in March. A slate of recommended officers will be submitted to the membership for a vote. Also, the financial position of the Collier County One Hundred Club will be provided by the Club’s Treasurer.

Active protective service personnel are not allowed to become voting members. This has been the standard since the beginning of the organization and this rule eliminates any biases or favoritism for donations. However, a recognized agency may have a liaison who is an active member of a protective service organization or agency.

The Collier County One Hundred Club is in the process of having the By-laws reviewed (2015).