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Make a Difference


Join us in lighting the path of hope for our brave first responders and their families during their darkest hours. Your commitment to the Collier County 100 Club will not only provide essential support but also serve as a beacon of gratitude for those who dedicate their lives to safeguarding our communities. Together, we can transform tragedy into resilience, proving that compassion and unity can overcome any challenge.

Make a commitment and help us reach out and assist the men and women of Collier County, who work tirelessly to maintain the health and safety of our local residents.

  • The Collier County 100 Club is an IRS-recognized 501(c)(3) nonprofit, charitable organization. The Federal Tax ID is 59-2529757. We do not receive any government fund or grants from public or private entities.
  • Your donations are fully tax-deductible to the extent allowed by IRS rules and regulations and any other applicable tax laws.
  • Donations of any amount positively impact the lives of the men and women of any and all State or Federal law enforcement personnel assigned to Collier County and their families.

Thank you, very much! 

In addition to your regular donation, you may also make a separate donation to the Collier 100 Club’s Endowment Fund. This is a fund to ensure the longevity of our mission. Click here to visit The Endowment Fund Donation Page.