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Officer Kyle Plussa

By July 18, 2019No Comments

Greetings and God bless you!

My name is Kyle Plussa. On August 3rd, 2018, I was the officer involved in the off-duty crash in a U-Haul moving in with my fiancé into our new home together. That very violent crash left me in a coma for several weeks and in 3 hospitals for 4 months. The last one, Shepherd Center in Atlanta, with God, saved my life to who I am today.

I’ve come to find out that your organization financially contributed to make that costly flight a reality for me and my fiancĂ©.

I have since returned to work as a LEO in an administrative capacity and am traveling around the state speaking to different groups, organizations, and regional gatherings of my troops, or volunteering and sharing it with others, speaking at colleges, agencies, and academies.

I would love to meet, hug, and shake hands with those of you who reached out and made that flight towards recovery a reality for me and my soon to be wife. Had I not made it there, I would most certainly still be in a comatose vegetative state.

I volunteer to speak as an individual to your organization, as I have many times for other charities. I deliver my message about the warrior mindset and my return from the other side of the darkness. My message has normally lasted around 45 minutes with 15 for Q&A. Please let me know your thoughts and accept my sincerest gratitude for you and your organization.

You are welcome to contact me anytime.

Stay safe and stay blessed,

-Kyle Plussa